Friday, 14 February 2014

What does the fox pizza say? Happy Valentines Day: Heart Shaped Pizzas - cooking with kids

In the run up to today, me and the kids have enjoyed doing loads of heart based activities, from crafts to baking; sweet and savory!  I wanted to share one of our efforts with you.

Valentines Heart Pizzas

Make pizza dough (tutorial here) and use your palms and fingers to fashion into a heart shape

Cover with BBQ sauce or passata - depending on preference

Cover with a mix of grated mozzarella and cheddar

Add toppings of your choice

Cook till golden on top with a light crispy crust

Seafood and goats cheese  //  BBQ meat feast

Pepperoni  //  Tuna and sweetcorn

For all of my enthusiasm for heart shaped pizzas, everyone agreed that they look more like fox faces.  I am inclined to agree - but they were jolly tasty!

So from me - and our fox pizzas -  have a wonderful Valentines evening and a great weekend.
I promise next time I will include more pictures and better instructions

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